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As some of you know, I have removed myself from social media in order to spend more time on being productive. I have started a newsletter to stay in touch with my community. If you are interested in joining my email list, you can sign up here:

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Here is the content of my first newsletter:

My friends from Faulkner University, Jeff Kreh, Zak Schmoll, and Melissa Cain Travis, and I made a three-part video series on Rod Dreher’s bestselling book, Live Not By Lies. You can check out those conversations here:  

Live Not By Lies Part 1: Soft Totalitarianism 

Live Not By Lies Part 2: Progressivism as Religion 

Live Not By Lies Part 3: Live in Truth

The conversations inspired me to write an article for Clarity Fund’s newsletter “Progressivism as  Religion.” I hope to write a few more articles for Clarity Fund in the coming months. Consider signing up for their newsletter.  

Did you know that I started a publishing company in 2017? I have been working with Sarah R. Enterline to publish her book No Apologies: The Life and Work of Susanna Newcome. The book was first published as an e-book in 2019, in December 2020, we published the revised paperback version. It is a beautiful book that I would encourage all of you to read. My friend Miguel Benitez interviewed Sarah on his YouTube channel recently.  

I had the honor of being a breakout session speaker at the Women In Apologetics conference on January 23. My topic was “Rethinking Faith and Reason.” Clarity Fund is hosting an audio version of the talk. A video version can be viewed by purchasing the package of talks at the Women in Apologetics website. The talk has inspired me to create a short video series on the same subject for my YouTube channel. I made the first video this week. I will encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you have not yet done so.  

Dr. Owen Anderson and I will host a conversation at the virtual Conference on Faith and  Science. The conference is free and has some very qualified speakers. I would encourage you to consider attending. 

The semester at Paradise Valley Community College started well last week. I am teaching seven online philosophy and religious studies courses. The Philosophical Society will host a  Friday Philosophy Forum this semester on “[Re]Building Society in a Time of Division.” 

There are many other irons in the fire right now. I hope to keep you updated and involve you in  community building as we face trials of many kinds. Please drop me a line and let me know how  you are doing.  


Kelly Fitzsimmons Burton, Ph.D. 

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