What is Reason? Talk

It has been a trying few months as I had major shoulder surgery in June and was unable to use my right arm and hand for at least four months. I fell behind on some things such as editing and uploading audio and video from past lectures. I hope to catch up on some of that over the semester break. In the meantime, here is the video on “What is Reason?” from my May 3, 2019 talk at the Sixth Annual Aquinas Leadership International Congress. I hope you will like, subscribe, and share.

My Philosophy Videos on YouTube


I started a Philosophy Vlog – a video blog if you are wondering – this week. It has been a long time coming, but with a little prodding from my friends at Clarity Fund, and a loaned camera, I finally jumped in. The focus, for now, is my role as a professor to inspire young people to think and to think well. I intend to upload videos on a regular basis. They are listed in order in a playlist on my YouTube channel called “Thinking.”

I hope you enjoy these videos. Please like, subscribe, and share, as they say.


I Organized My Videos

Earlier this week a student told me that video recordings of my lectures are not in one central location and were hard to find. I heard his concern and created a playlist with all the videos of my recorded talks. I hope to create new videos soon, so from here on I will attempt to be more organized. Here is the Burton playlist.

What is Truth? Audio

Today I had the privilege and opportunity to talk about the nature of Truth from a philosophical perspective at Paradise Valley Community College. We made an audio recording of the talk. I wish we had captured the question and answer period after the talk because of the quality of the student questions and the discussion it prompted. We really had a great conversation. You can hear the What is Truth? talk here.

Summer Productivity

Last year at Paradise Valley Community College we hosted eight lectures in our Public Philosophy Lecture Series. Out of that effort, a few philosophy professors and I developed the Public Philosophy Society (PPS), a professional organization for students, scholars, and patrons to further pursue discussion together. We have been meeting live, online, for two months and we are enjoying the dialogue.

In addition to starting the PPS, we also started the Journal of Public Philosophy (JPP). I am the General Editor for the JPP and had the delight of putting together the first issue this summer. There were challenges, mostly typographical, but I am proud to say that yesterday the JPP became available for the general public and may be purchased here. I hope readers will enjoy this issue as much as I enjoyed putting it together. We hope to publish a second issue this Winter.

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