Critical Theory Video Series

During the summer months, I have been creating videos for my Philosophy and Religious studies courses which will all be online for the college in the Fall semester. Pandemic months have been very busy with work, but also with following the news. Many friends and family members have reached out to me to ask my thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement, defunding the Police, and various other cultural issues. I have decided to use the tools I know best – philosophy and making videos – to address the issues as I see them. Right now, I am classifying the issues as “popular Critical Theory” and as “post-Nietzschean philosophy.” The videos I am creating are housed on my YouTube channel under the playlist “Critical Theory.” I hope that you will consider watching those videos and giving them a like, subscribing to my channel, and sharing with others who may benefit from the videos. If you have any feedback, questions, or would like me to check out a particular topic, please drop me a line or find me on Facebook.

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