My Interview with InkleDeux

Earlier this semester I had the joy of sitting down with Brandon, my former student and classmate at ASU, to talk about life, publishing, and Retrieval Philosophy. You can check out our discussion on the Inkledeux Podcast.

The Principle of Clarity

Audio Recording of this talk may be found here. The Principle of Clarity states that some things are clear to reason. To demonstrate the principle, consider the contradiction - nothing is clear. If nothing is clear, then no distinction is clear. The distinctions between a and non-a, being and non-Being, God and non-God, Good and... Continue Reading →

Public Philosophy in Phoenix

  To share all of the public philosophy events in the Phoenix area, we created a website to serve as a "hub" for Valleywide events. Be sure to check out the "Calendar" tab. To find out more about public philosophy, check out the "About us" tab.

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